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The AWEDA 'Yes I Can Project' (YICP) – ELECTIVES

Yes I Can Project (YICP) is a member-centered project designed to respond to individual needs of diverse groups of women facing barriers to employment. The elective programs in YICP are designed to train members in the hospitality industry and equip them with labour market skills. It is also a capacity building project designed to meet the traditional Labour Market Agreement (LMA) as it aims to increase the participation rate of Canadians and immigrants in the workforce as well as to enhance the quality of skills development.  

AWEDA has also partnered with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in some specific areas of YICP to provide members with customized training: Boulanger & Baking Art, Cooking and Cosmetology. YICP will help members successfully complete hands-on training and workshops, and they will ultimately, find and keep a job.  



The AWEDA Global Gourmet Co-op

The AWEDA Global Gourmet Co-operative is an ethnic food production and catering business that is the first of a number of similar structured co-operatives. The Co-operative Council is providing start-up and operational co-op business development services to these individual co-operatives. This uniquely designed program helps immigrant women start their own businesses and provides training for them to work in a commercial kitchen as well as develop new skills for them to find a permanent job.




AWEDA Point of Service Training (APOST) Program

This is a newly implemented partnership between AWEDA and SWIPE Manager Training Program, using the Maitre’D POS Posiflex terminals.  The terminals are used for full-service hospitality; quick service restaurants, retail, grocery and specialty applications that combine high performance while maintaining low power consumption and heat output1. The POS training includes the use of:

  • Integrated touch screen terminals
  • Magnetic card readers
  • Thermal printers
  • Cash drawers
  • Scale
  • Keyboards



The AWEDA Global Hair Braiders (AGHB)

The AWEDA Global Hair Braiders is a micro-enterprise group that is concerned with certifying AWEDA’s members with cosmetology qualifications. The mission of this program is to help these women become self-sufficient and socially active members of the community by utilizing their hair braiding skills.