The Association | AWEDA

The Association

Who are we

AWEDA is the abbreviation for All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association and it is a community-based, non-profit organization (NPO) and a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nova Scotia.

A W E D A is Halifax’s newest, promising and unique empowerment organization formed in the spirit of Margaret Meads’ words:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-   Margaret Mead

AWEDA is an NGO dedicated to the social-cultural and economic empowerment of marginalized immigrant and refugee women focused on their effective integration into Canadian society.    


Our History

Since 2005, AWEDA has helped low-income immigrant and refugee women overcome barriers to employment, and expand their horizons. Some of these women are single mothers, older women and abused women. From the outset, the organization's philosophy has been one of inclusiveness and an outreach to these women despite their age, ethnicity, education, religion or disability.

As an organization we focus on designing culturally-sensitive programs that combine life skills, basic academic upgrading, skill development, health, social justice, and civic participation.

AWEDA is also working to promote Canadian Economic Development (CED) and social enterprises led by low income immigrant and refugee women, to broaden awareness of these models within ethno-cultural communities, as well as continuing to build the capacity of social enterprises that are already operating.

We are creating economic self- sufficiency through micro enterprise and workers’ cooperatives, innovative entrepreneurship that utilizes and enhances women’s existing strengths and resource for long-term sustainable economic self-sufficiency project in Nova Scotia.  This is a ground breaking initiative in Nova Scotia!  


Our Mission

To act as a local catalyst by facilitating participatory processes to prepare, equip and assist marginalized immigrant and refugee women to develop innovative, dynamic, diverse initiatives promoting economic development, environmental protection and social equity.


Our Vision

For all women to support each other so that they are the foundation for creating a healthy, sustainable, and safe community to improve the overall quality of life by honoring the inherent values of women regardless of whom they are.


Our Motto

Rediscover yourself & uncover your full potential!


Our Goal

To facilitate processes that support the initiatives of low-income and marginalized immigrant and refugee women to influence change in local and national level policy, practices and promoting the eradication of poverty.


Our Core Values

  • Cooperation
  • Diversity
  • Fairness
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Openness


The AWEDA Logo

Two-tone color:  Inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful to all immigrant and refugee women, their children and communities in Nova Scotia.

The Construction of the Symbol:
This new logo incorporates several concepts that relate to the mission of the All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA). This graphic element is the icon creatively designed together with its logotype that is arranged in particular way. 1 AWEDA brands itself with this logo based on its unique shape, colors and fonts. 

The Components:
Rich in symbolism, the new logo represents Empowerment for all our members as well as AWEDA’s role in promoting this goal.
The elements of the model are as follows:

The Colors:

  • Red is the color of empowerment at AWEDA.  We encourage our members to focus on red when they need to increase their energy, work on unconditional love or simply be more empowered. The color red also assists our members with Strength, Skills, Power, Courage and Love. 
  • Blue is the color of respect at AWEDA.  It is an extremely powerful color that allows one to overcome fear and helps promote and foster inner calmness. The color blue signifies one’s achievement of peace, serenity and sense of one’s self.

The Hands:
The top circle, shaped with embracing hands, symbolizes the globe, which stands for AWEDA’s activities in promoting empowerment to its diverse members. It is in this circle, that marginalized immigrant and refugee women and their children are empowered to fulfill their dreams free from the constraints of poverty and inequality and to live in a world where their full worth is realized and valued.

The Three Dots:
(1) Represents “Environment”
(2) Represents “Economy”
(3) Represents “Equity”